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Five 10-second tips to help you win your next technical interview

  1. Use a 2-minute timer: After each question, set a timer for 2 minutes. If you're still talking when it hits 0, that's your cue to ask, "Have I answered your question?"
  2. Silence is death. Keep thinking aloud: When attempting to solve a technical problem, the goal of the Hiring Manager isn't to see your solution. Their goal is to learn how you think and talk.
  3. This isn't real-world. Make sure they know you know: During the interview, you'll get a white board, yourself, and one-two hours. On the job, you'll get the internet, co-workers, and a full day. Don't let them misjudge you based on all the corners you must cut in order to solve their challenge.
  4. Admit you don't know. Then sell them on what you do know: If you are smart, you're applying for a job that's a bit beyond your skill level. If you're smarter, you understand that, and you understand how you can fill gaps in their team in return for knowledge transfer. Admit your skill set, and persuade them by knowing theirs.
  5. Observe them closely in search of joy: If you sense a lack of passion, eagerness, imagination, empathy, or any other qualities you would want in leadership, management or mentors...beware of accepting any offers. What you observe likely represents a team culture you may not want to join.

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