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Discussion on: Serverless Backends With AWS Cloud: Twitter and Email Campaigns

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Rob Sherling Author

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to look at the article.

You absolutely do not need to have a domain. I had a domain because Mailgun wouldn't send or recognize attempts to send emails after the first three unless I had a domain (which I believe is a bug). You may have much better luck.

The budget is very, very small. The cloudfronts are free because the data we'll send is easily free tier. DynamoDB is free - 25GB capacity and 25 read/writes a month total - and easily covers this tutorial. WAF may cost you about 1 cent. Data pipeline is free for 30 days per pipeline (so create, run, delete after tutorial). The rest should all be free tier, I believe.

Total budget: 10 cents, max? If you actually plan to use this in production, your dynamoDB will be the most expensive part of the equation by far, and is governed entirely by how much throughput you set it to. When you go to set the throughput, it will show you the price for the read/writes that you are requesting.

S3 could theoretically be more expensive if you have a very large site that you are serving statically.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me here or to email me at the email listed in the opening post.

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Catherin Cruz

Great! It's a green light for testing. When I get some progress done, I will let you know thanks.

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Rob Sherling Author

Anytime! Looking forward to it.