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5 Habits That a Developer Should Give Up

A bad habit is a harmful and unproductive habit. A bad habit is basically a non-productive or negligent habit. These habits include over eating, gambling, exercising, socializing with too many people, procrastination, and watching television. Bad habits can prevent you from achieving your goals and at times can even get you fired. Thus if you are a developer what are some bad habits you have and how can you overcome them? In this article we will look at 3 bad habits and how you can overcome them.

The first habit a developer should avoid is having an excessive amount of coffee. You should try to limit your intake or cut back on it every time you go home or leave work. Having an excess of coffee can interrupt you flow and may prevent you form achieving your goals. In addition, developers have an increased risk of being late in their work compared to others, this means you also have a high chance of being late when you have to meet deadlines, so a cut back on coffee will help you in this aspect as well.

Another habit that a developer should stop doing tobacco. This doesn't mean to replace cigarettes with some other forms of tobacco consumption but quit dipping, using snuffing tobacco, and other stuff as well - even vapes and so on. Tobacco products have huge negative impact on health including increasing chances of getting cancer and reducing your lifespan. Sure thing, being a developer is quite a nervous job but there are a lot of ways you can fight stress without negative (or even with positive) effects on your health.

Another habit that a developer should give up is having a glass of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is proven to increase your lethargy and attention span and this causes a lot of bad habits to be developed such as smoking and eating junk food.

Developers should remember that there is always a reason behind why a certain thing occurs. Even bad habits can be broken if you persist in changing them and do not let yourself fall into a pattern and into doing the same thing every time you do them. It is important for developers to be consistent and try to develop new things each time. If a certain code structure works well for you, then try to stick to it but do not be afraid to experiment with the other patterns that exist. You should not be afraid of experimenting because you can never know until you try it out.

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