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Discussion on: Introducing ProGram: An Open-Source, Self-Hosted Instagram

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Jonas B. R. • Edited on

Hi Sarthak and all the team envolved on the app. It does look great, and it's awesome to have this kind of initiatives that promotes awareness against data colection, and offers an option.

I just would say that, as a CLI freak, I found the title image description a little disappointing. It says it's a CLI based app , but actually it's a GUI, electron based app. Seems like a click bait for me. I'd remove it...

Anyways... Congratulations for the app and the effort !

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Utkarsh Talwar

Hey Jonas, thanks for the kind words.

About the CLI thing, we did just talk about it, actually. We might remove it (or we might just add lots of CLI based functionality) haha. Sorry about the clickbait!