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Git: How to keep your fork updated with remote repository

This is useful when you have forked a repository (repo), cloned it to your local machine and want to keep it in sync with the original repo.

Adding the remote repo

We can list the remote repositories for our repo with git remote -v and add the original repo as follows:

git remote add upstream LINK_TO_ORIGINAL_REPO
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Note that it is merely a convention to call it upstream. You can give any name you want.

Check that the repo is added to your remote using git remote -v.

Sync with remote

  • Check if there are any changes in remote not on your fork using git fetch upstream
  • Checkout whichever branch you are interested ( git checkout $BRANCH)
  • Merge with upstream using: git merge upstream/$BRANCH
  • Push your changes to origin if needed: git push origin $BRANCH

Removing the remote repo

If you no longer want to get changes from the remote repo, it is easy to remove it using git remote remove upstream


Github's help page

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weiji14 profile image
Wei Ji

Nice article! Always handy to have a guide like this when the time comes :) There's also a Github Probot App called Pull that helps to automatically keep your forks up to date on Github itself. I've installed it recently on my forked repos and it removes the manual fetching!

rrampage profile image
Raunak Ramakrishnan • Edited

Thanks! Was not aware of this before. This will reduce the manual work needed to keep them up-to-date.

orimdominic profile image
Orim Dominic Adah

This just saved me right now!