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Weeknotes - 03 Makers PreCourse

The Penultimate Prep Week

Big sigh of relief when I finished the Ruby mastery content on Tuesday with 4-6 days to spare. Can I call myself an official Ruby Master now? (The answer is no).

Mastering Ruby

The challenges at the end of week 3 were based around methods and classes, and understanding scope1. Classes have been hard to get my head around; I understand them in theory; I can see why they're useful; but... identifying when I should use them - ?! I paired with qui2 at the weekend, we used tests to refactor some working code. I'd used a nested loop which meant regenerating a regex pattern for the same array each time it looped - that's a lot.

Noticing repeated behaviour like this is an indicator that a class could be useful. So that's what we did! Now we can use the same regex pattern whenever we run the loop, or we can create a new pattern (another instance) if we want.


I spoke with Lauren3 about her blog on wellness in the work environment, and I'm excited about it! My discussion with Lauren was a chance to give and receive feedback on our work and approach in a natural way - hooray! πŸ¦„
Blogs have been helpful to me in particular for learning about other people's experiences of bootcamps/workplaces - this was one reasons why I choose to publish my Makers journey weeknotes. I'd been keeping a coding diary until starting the pre-course so I could look back and reflect on what I had learned or what topics I was neglecting.


  • Shout out to Lauren ✨ for her nice words and qui 😻 for pairing with me
  • My fellowship contract binds me to the universe - but why stop there?
  • I've been thinking about creating a "Manual of Me"4...
  • Next week's work includes a list of villains. My top three female villains:
    1. Carabosse5
    2. Baba Yaga6
    3. Marisa Coulter7

Weeknotes Notes

  1. Darko Gjorgjievski, Understanding Scope in Ruby | SitePoint
  2. Chris James | website | @quii
  3. Lauren Lindsey, If you won’t look after me, who will? | blog | LinkedIn
  4. Manual of Me | website
  5. Carabosse | wiki
  6. Baba Yaga | wiki
  7. Marisa Coulter | wiki

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