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Weeknotes - 02 Makers PreCourse

Week Two Of Four

Pros this week: solving problems, tackling fun challenges, catching up with my cohort! But, there were some cons too: getting cross-eyed stuck, ill health, feeling behind.

I sketched diagrams to help me better plan how to tackle some of this weeks' work, which was super helpful for visualising how I needed to transform my data.

in reality my desk looked like it could have been featured in Memento1.

Ruby Mastery

This week was all about logic and loops and FizzBuzz2! I was extremely pleased with myself for making a neat little program that renders text graphs in the command line (so much so that I snorted).
The complexity of arrays of hashes and hashes of arrays, sub-arrays, & sub-sub-arrays was bamboozling, so I leaned into that this week and solved the challenges with a combo of perseverance and thinking-time. To get those neural pathways fully forged I read up on arrays and hashes with blocks &, spent some time getting knee-deep in them at virtual codebar3.

Voice Connected ...

Speaking to a few of my cohort via webex helped me feel more connected to others in the group. Hearing about their experience and their current/prior jobs was reassuring, both for steadying my pace and, knowing I've got some good company on the course!


  • Shoutout to Ayelisha5 who agreed to be my mentor at Makers 🤝
  • I pushed some code before running rspec it was so embarrassing...
  • Pull requests from different branches are hugely confusing & valuable experiences
  • Radio feature, "A Job for the Boys"4 made for interesting listening

Weeknotes Notes

  1. Memento (2000) | imdb
  2. FizzBuzz | wiki
  3. codebar |
  4. BBC Radio 4 | A Job for the Boys Listen
  5. Ayelisha Amoah | blog

Edit: This post was edited to include Ayelisha Amoahs blog - May 2019

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