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Weeknotes - 01 Makers PreCourse

Makers Lift Off!

This was a momentous week, wherein I began the PreCourse for Makers1. 🎉 The cohort & coaches got acquainted on Slack, and I found out that climbing is a Big Thing.

I had a video chat about the process and my options as a Fellow with Careers Manager at Makers, Lauren. 👋

Course Content & Challenge

This week was largely about getting the environment set up, plus getting familiar with a broad range of Command Line and Git commands. A murder mystery2 - solved in the command line - reinforced frequently used commands that will be useful in the coming weeks (and It felt as if I whizzed through the content as it wasn't unfamiliar, and I really enjoyed the practise of the challenge. By Thursday I'd dived into next weeks' Ruby mastery syllabus.


Problem solving is a Bigger Thing than climbing, so I made some notes on the debugging process3,

  • Extract info from the error message 🐝
  • Find the first wrong line 🔍
  • Get visibility of the issue 👁️
  • Fix the bug when the problem is understood ✔️

CityJS Conference

I was happy to be given a ticket via codebar4 to the CityJS conf5 in London! I really enjoyed the variety and quality of the talks. A lot went over my head; I've probably written a total of 4 lines in JS to date... but, it wasn't a barrier to many of the concepts/presentations.

Speaker highlights

  • I enjoyed Chris Heilmann's6 talk, he mentioned the variety of considerations and trade-offs to consider when seeking accessibility.
  • Shrishtika Neelakantam's7 description of the evolution of web services was enjoyable, informative and, beautiful.
  • I want to explore getting the right syntactic sugar balance following Maya Shavin's8 talk.


  • Shout out to Dan Barrett9, my weeknotes inspo 🙌
  • Spending a whole day viewing talks left me in a lot of pain. I'd love to get some tips from anyone else who suffers physical postural pain? My two cents: always have pain-killers and sunglasses
  • I'm concerned about the impact of conference freebies on the environment...
  • Giving unsolicited editorial feedback is very on brand but does it make me seem tOo InTeNsE?

Weeknotes Notes

This post was edited to with footnote support Jun 2019

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