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My own extension

My own extension

Check out the extension:
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The first release

I was using the Nord windows theme and saw the amazing community behind it. I wanted to add something to it, something never seen before. My idea was a chrome extension which would make websites more or less like Nord.

The idea

I was really board , and i wanted to make something. So i decided to make nord web themes. I really liked the nord theme too and though many other would love it!

The changes

I have learned a lot ! I fixed a lot of issues and added a list of new websites, nevertheless , I really got board over the past weeks. I don't think i'll continue this project, since i am a web developer. I like to seek for challenges myself but making this extension isn't that easy. I'm doing what i want , not what people want.

Why am i leaving ?

Over the past years i want from a nord lover, to a nord hater. I just learned that looks don't matter. I wanted to focus on what i do, but, I was less productive. I always wanted to check for the new updates and such. I would understand that many are not like me , but i think it was for the better :)

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