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re: Hi all. My name is Franco and I'm from Italy. I love coding, and not by chance I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My biggest passion i...

Hey Franco Nice to meet you, I am new here and was just noticing that you had a CS degree. I am in the process of getting my CS degree but I am just starting out so I am really new to things, unfortunately. If you don't mind me asking, do you think the degree has helped your success in the industry a lot or not so much?


Hi Ryan, nice to meet you! Getting the degree has helped me a lot, since I was able to learn very difficult things that are fundamental for the field of CS. If you have any other question doesn't hesitate to ask!


Some days ago I published an article that try to answer the question if it does make sense to take a degree in a Computer Science major. I wrote down my experience and points of view. Ryan, I warmly invite you to read it! francoscarpa.com/articles/degree/

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