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Hi all. My name is Franco and I'm from Italy. I love coding, and not by chance I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My biggest passion is web development. I love HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web performance. Every time I build something for the web I ask myself: «How can I made it better and faster?».


Hello Franco how are u. See your Post. U are a great web developer but keep tight for it, it will take some time to make perfect into web designing.
Join me I will help u :)


I'm not absolutely perfect, I've so, so much to learn :) Coding is a never ending journey.


Hey Franco, what resource would you recommend most for learning about web performance?


As soon as I come back home, I’ll show you my personal resources ;)


Hi Franco! is awesome that you love coding too, hope you will get better and better in web development. one question, do you know backend too?. Greetings from Venezuela.


Hi, Orlando! No, I’m sorry, I have knowledge only about front-end web development. Have a nice day!


How can I made it better and faster?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask! Humans don't make perfect things so there's pretty much always an answer too :)


The secret to making it faster?
Code it in assembly!


No, code it in machine language: 0011011010111011... 😁

Benvenuto, Franco!

Given you are a web developer, might I take the privilege of introducing you to WebAssembly? :)

Given your mantra, here's a blog post that might be worth a read:

Happy hacking!

Thanks, Ganesh! Well, I read something about WebAssembly some months ago and I found it really interesting. However, I’ve never deepen my knowledge about it. I’ll surely read the article you linked! You can absolutely introduce me to WebAssembly. 😊


Hey Franco Nice to meet you, I am new here and was just noticing that you had a CS degree. I am in the process of getting my CS degree but I am just starting out so I am really new to things, unfortunately. If you don't mind me asking, do you think the degree has helped your success in the industry a lot or not so much?


Hi Ryan, nice to meet you! Getting the degree has helped me a lot, since I was able to learn very difficult things that are fundamental for the field of CS. If you have any other question doesn't hesitate to ask!


Some days ago I published an article that try to answer the question if it does make sense to take a degree in a Computer Science major. I wrote down my experience and points of view. Ryan, I warmly invite you to read it!


How can I made it better and faster?

Good mantra to have 🙂


I just want to let people have the possibility to enjoy the best experince possible.


Yes. I love refactoring my code to ensure it's as DRY as it can be. Performance optimisation is key. :)


Hi Franco nice to meet you. I'm super excited about new experiences.

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