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Cover image for Equality does not exist. For this very reason: all the more!

Equality does not exist. For this very reason: all the more!

Equality does not exist. For this very reason: all the more!

Bias and prejudice.
Lack of equality of opportunity.
Nature versus nurture.
Behind every insight, behind every thought, there is something deeper.
We have a complex problem.
The problem is fundamental.
The problem is global.
I am unsettled.
I am overwhelmed.

I don't even know how to make sense of it all, to define the scope of it, to describe it.
There is no equality.
And I do not believe that humanity will ever achieve absolute equality.
Life is unfair - to individuals and to groups of people who bear certain characteristics. Damn unfair!


Capitulation due to complexity and size is not a valid option.
Even an unattainable goal, one can still define as a goal.
One's own actions can be evaluated with respect to the goal and consider whether they pay into it, don't pay into it, or even counteract the goal.

For me, equal opportunity is a goal worth striving for!

So what?

I know that I carry many characteristics that give me privileges.
I certainly would not have gotten to where I am now with other characteristics.
Professionally, I have been given the chance to influence topics and decide things.

I am Christoph, man, white, cis, child of academics, born in Germany, Studio Lead & Executive Director Product Engineering at SinnerSchrader.
I would like to use this to get closer to the desirable goal.

In a very pragmatic and practical way:

  • I will pay attention in everyday life to where prejudices and unequal treatment take place - and actively counteract them by addressing them.
  • I will have an open ear for people who approach me about unequal treatment - and help them with my opportunities and privileges.


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