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Taxi Booking App source code | Uber Clone

About Taxi Booking App
This project is a complete clone of Uber, which is a taxi booking iOS app. We have build this app using Native Objective- C for iOS and Native Java for Android. You can download this taxi booking app source code for free by scrolling down. Some of the great features of the app are:

Feature of User App :
Intro Video splash screen to give appealing look to the app.
Google api integration for autocomplete
Plotting of places to google map with distance and minutes calculation between routes.
One step and easy booking process.
Integration with Paypal and Stripe Payment gateway.
Support different rates for day and night.
Option to set cab types with rates from backend CMS .
Stylish animation between views with Facebook style slide menu.
Display all booking with scroll to load and clean UI.
Filters to sort booking’s on the basis of completed, pending booking etc.. Available on both User and Driver App.
Enable Auto refresh when driver accept job on driver arrival, journey begin , journey completed / dropped etc.
Support Push messages for all the status as well.
Live tracking Driver who are assigned for your booking.
Option to Cancel the Job till driver is not assigned.
Rate card screen with option to view all Taxi’s day and night rates.
100% Native Objective C and shipped with full source code.
Support localization and Internationalization .
Support RTL Languages
Share ETA to Facebook and Twitter .
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Slysken Kakuva


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Unable to open the link

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the site was completely down but you can find it

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Zacharia Charles Mwihechi

where are source code?

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