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So doing a few fizzbuzz in different languages today and got to python,
Could someone tell me if the following is acceptable in interviews and what their most concise version is:

def fizzbuzz(i):
    n = [i%3, i%5]
    print(((n[0]==0)and(n[1]==0)and"fizzbuzz " + str(i))or((n[0]==0)and"fizz " +str(i))or((n[1]==0)and"buzz " + str(i))or str(i))

for i in range(0,102):


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The Zen of Python says:

Sparse is better than dense.

While it is clever, I find the print line very hard to read. I would make it more readable and make my point.


Thank you,
this was exactly the kind of feedback I needed!

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