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kwik - [now with docker image]

[Update] - Any repo can be cloned and the prefix _/ acts as a quick way to type

So yesterday I wrote and released the kwik tool to help quickly bootstrap a new development environment. Today it got more useful.

The new Docker Image was uploaded to the dockerhub meaning you can now run:

$ docker run -it -p 9091:9091 ukjp/kwik
> kwik -o linux -p _/sam-aldis/kwik -d kwik-dev
# Where _/sam-aldis/kwik is your github repo (_/ gets replaced with
# OR:
> kwik -o linux -p -d my-repo
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and instantly have a docker container with an ide bootstrapped that you can now work on running in your browser on port 9091!

Now commit this container to a new image and push it to your docker repo and you can share your project with your team, with your plugins for vscode and environment exactly the same as on your machine!

please help me by up-voting on producthunt:
and staring on github:

any help on the project itself will be hugely appreciated as unless it takes off I don't have enough time day-to-day to keep working on it.

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