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Don't Settle for a Template Website

Sam Cross
☕ Web designer && developer in need of a third monitor.
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This is a cut-down version of this article, posted on my blog.

Many WordPress developers use templates or themes, as they're quick to set up and easy to customise. However, they lack identity. A bespoke website design is key to providing visitors with an experience they'd love.

Less Now, More Later

Choosing a WordPress developer usually means paying less for a website, but it also means it could rank lower in search results, and give customers a sluggish and clunky browsing experience. This translates to reduced sales, and therefore reduced income.

Bespoke web design increases reach, and increases the likelihood of customers remembering a business. This is because the website is designed fully around the brand.

Decrease Bounce Rates

The probability of bounce increases 32% as page load goes from 1 second to 3 seconds
Bounce rates increase with load time - Think with Google

As well as providing memorability for your brand, a website built-from-scratch will perform much better than a site built from a template. Users hate waiting, so your website needs to show the content your visitors want to see as fast as possible. WordPress websites are often slower - they're loaded with unnecessary scripts, images, and additional data.

Cutting Corners

As well as missing out on speed and SEO benefits, WordPress websites tend to cut corners. Header menus might not work with browser features (read: JavaScript) disabled, and some buttons might be a little off-center. Not to mention that responsive design is often an afterthought.

With a bespoke website, you can be sure that every inch of your site performs perfectly, and looks beautiful on every device.

It's even possible to design websites for use on smartwatches. We live in a crazy world.

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