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Sameer Raipure
Sameer Raipure

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A *N O O B* Completed Hacktoberfest

Hello World!?

I am Sameer from a small town in Maharashtra, India.
An Electrical Undergrad from National Institute Of Technology, but an aspiring Software Engineer.


Being an GSoc aspirant, I had to start open source somewhere. Hacktoberfest is the best platform that open source enthusiasts can get.


Finally I completed my HacktoberFest Challenge on 30th Oct by successfully submitting 4 PRs and they completed the 14 day review period. This I achieved with very preliminary skillset and this is where things get interesting.


Made corrections and made the webpage more asthetic using tools like HTML and CSS only.
These Pokedex contributions were the easiest one to procure. Only used HTML and had clearly defined template. I made 5 more such contributions and voila!.
The Other PokeDex contributions are available in my GitHub Profile.


I was in the real sense, a NOOB.
But Surely I will participate again. So now u know everyone can possibly complete the challenge.
Peace Out Fam<3

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