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Discussion on: Six of my favourite articles I’ve read this week

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Sam Williams Author • Edited

That looks great. Is there a way to do a similar link for posts?

I'm on an extended trip around South East Asia, primarily for rock climbing. This alcove is a world famous climbing area so I had to visit. I brought by laptop so I can get better at development as I travel so I can get a better job when I get back.

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Jess Lee (she/her)

!! That's awesome !!

What kind of climbing are you doing? My goal for 2018 is to get lead certified and start climbing outdoors!

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Sam Williams Author

Lead climbing on Tonsai beach. It's brilliant our here, definitely recommend coming here when you've learnt to lead.

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Peter Kim Frank

Currently no liquid tag embed for Medium, but you can always submit an issue on our public Github to submit a request

Sounds like an awesome trip. @jess has taken us bouldering / top-roping a few times, but I'm sure you're on a whole other level :)