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From Model to Code

Designing an application can be a significant challenge. Many times we start the process right away with code, without truly focusing on the design of our application. The question of changing/evolving features/requirements, scalability, cost, etc. come much later in the process. By then, we may find ourselves frustrated with where to begin or even if there is a way to start implementing the changes and requirements.

Event Modeling was officially introduced by Adam Dymmitruk in 2018, who brought up the importance of designing a model for applications and systems first. The model is easily read and edited by various personnel in an organization in order to achieve business goals. This concept introduces TIME as the important factor when designing an application. The swimlanes show the development of a system through time. This idea was built on the structural designs of CQRS and Event Sourcing, where the events are at the heart of an application.

First in this blog series, I will examine building an application with a different approach of designing the model first, then translating it into code. I will be explaining the concept of Event Modeling in detail and introduce the ways that Axon Framework (and later on, Axon Server) can help with coding and scaling the application/system.

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