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Django - A python framework | 6 hours Course

Django is the most famous Python web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
Let's learn Django by creating a Bookstore app with user authentication, file uploading, reviews on books and many more features

๐ŸŒŸDjango has many features ๐ŸŒŸ

Ridiculously fast.
Fully loaded.
Reassuringly secure.
Exceedingly scalable.
Incredibly versatile.
Source code -

๐ŸŒŸ Course Contents ๐ŸŒŸ
โณ (00:00:00) Intro and What we will Learn
โณ (00:05:15) Install and Setup
โณ (00:11:52) Start New Project
โณ (00:18:42) File Structure
โณ (00:25:52) Start New App
โณ (00:33:10) Register App & URL
โณ (00:44:47) Using Template
โณ (00:51:49) Load Data from JSON file
โณ (00:58:37) Design using Tailwindcss
โณ (01:02:40) Dynamic Routing
โณ (01:09:34) Template Filter and Tags
โณ (01:16:19) Database Migration & Model
โณ (01:26:56) Migration Update
โณ (01:31:17) Query Filter & Create
โณ (01:39:43) Show Data from Database
โณ (01:44:39) Intro to Django Admin
โณ (01:50:37) Django Admin CRUD
โณ (01:58:42) Handle Not Found 404
โณ (02:05:47) Form CSRF Token
โณ (02:12:08) Store New Review
โณ (02:23:37) Order by Review & Link Book
โณ (02:31:21) Generic List View
โณ (02:41:11) Generic Detail View
โณ (02:46:41) Relationship in Django
โณ (02:58:02) Template Inheritance
โณ (03:05:56) Many to Many Relationship
โณ (03:19:07) Query Many to Many Relationship
โณ (03:26:29) Authentication Intro
โณ (03:33:42) Login and Redirect User
โณ (03:41:23) Using Middleware
โณ (03:49:02) Logout a User
โณ (03:58:50) Restrict user on template
โณ (04:04:38) Connect user with Review
โณ (04:14:02) Reset Password
โณ (04:24:16) Email SMTP settings
โณ (04:37:33) Image upload for Book
โณ (04:48:21) Store image for Review
โณ (04:55:54) Working with Django Forms
โณ (05:05:55) Upload File with model form
โณ (05:17:35) Prepare Django for deployment
โณ (05:30:53) Deploy Django to Heroku

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