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FastAPI 4 hours free course

FastAPI is the fastest Python Web Framework

Let's learn fastAPI by creating a full API for crud of blog with user authentication

FastAPI is using Pydantic library for types and starlette framework under the hood
FastAPI also provide amazing support for swagger API docs

Source code -

Course Contents

โณ (00:00:00) Framework Intro
โณ (00:04:51) Course Intro
โณ (00:10:09) Install and Setup
โณ (00:22:33) Break it down
โณ (00:30:47) Path Parameters
โณ (00:41:40) API Docs
โณ (00:45:55) Query Parameters
โณ (00:55:58) Request Body
โณ (01:03:58) Debugging
โณ (01:10:47) Pydantic Schemas
โณ (01:19:59) Database Connection
โณ (01:25:37) Create Model and Tables
โณ (01:33:36) Store blog to database
โณ (01:38:51) Get blog from database
โณ (01:43:29) Exception & Status Code
โณ (01:53:46) Delete a blog
โณ (02:08:02) Response Model
โณ (02:15:56) Create User
โณ (02:23:07) Hash Password
โณ (02:30:36) Show User
โณ (02:35:05) Using Doc Tags
โณ (02:37:58) Relationship
โณ (02:51:13) API Router
โณ (03:04:08) API router path operators
โณ (03:07:24) Blog & User respository
โณ (03:18:08) Logn & verify Password
โณ (03:28:37) JWT Access Token
โณ (03:36:24) Route behind authentication
โณ (03:51:00) Deploy fastAPI app

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