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Vscode 4.5 hours course for JavaScript, Python & PHP


Boost your coding speed up to 10x with this course.
This is the biggest course you can found on vscode ever
Most exciting part is that, it is totally FREE


We will cover each and everything of the vscode and how you can control every part of vscode with the use of keyboard only.

Power of Keyboard

We will also see how you can maximize your speed using the vscode breadcrumbs and obviously with keyboard

Select code, toggle sidebar or activity bar, goto any line number, fold or unfold code, create snippets, running code and test, using terminal to its max and much more.
Everything I said above is with use of KEYBOARD only


Apart from this, we will also use various extensions that will enhance your speed and also makes various tasks easy

Fun part

One exciting thing is the gradient cursor.
We will dig into the vscode to change its internal css to make cursor gradient color.

Famous Themes I reviewed

Tokyo Night
Github Theme
Material Theme
Darcula, Dracula
Shades of Purple

Extensions Reviewed

ES6 for javascript
React extensions
php intelliphense
Confirm quit
chrome debuggerphp-cs-fixer
bracket pair colorizer
npm intellisense

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