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13 Resources for technical interview preparation

I am writing this page as a personal reminder for myself on various interview resources I came across over the internet during the course of my technical interview preparation. There are number of companies conducting a wide variety of different type of interviews, making it difficult to find all resources at a single location. My intention is to maintain a curated list of the resources categorizing them as needed. I hope this list and these resources are helpful to you in crushing your next interview.

  • Coding Interview University


A complete computer science study plan – originally created as a short to-do list for self study. The list of topics is really huge and some of the items may not be even required today, but they are still provided in case you need to refer them. This is like a base course that you need to take before appearing for the interviews in tech giant (like Facebook, Google, Amazon etc.)

  • OG AWS


This is a practical guide on Amazon Web Services(AWS) topics. It got conceptualized from discussion and editing by several engineers who have used AWS extensively. The contents are brief, practical and current and partial in details, for in depth study of the core services covered, you might still need to refer to AWS official documentation.

  • Tech Interview Handbook


This is a “zero to hero” handbook to assist you in your technical interview preparation. It contains number of interview questions, cheatsheets, practical tips. This even contains post interview steps like understanding your compensation and negotiation – overall a complete guide to start your preparation.

  • System Design Primer


This blog is essential for people aiming for system design interviews. System design is a vast topic and the resources could be found scattered all over the internet. The author has created this repo as an “organized collection” of the resources to enable readers on how to design large-scale systems.

  • Awesome Interview Questions


This is a curated list of interview questions on wide variety of topics and language. The question lists include questions from C/C++ to .Net, CSS, iOS, various UI or DB technologies, Data Science etc etc. The list keeps on growing 🙂

  • React Interview Questions & Answers


A huge set of top 500 ReactJS questions. Essential in case you have a ReactJs interview lined up in coming days.

  • Reverse interview


A lot of times people do not ask interviewer back even when prompted. This repo contains set of such questions that you may ask as reverse interview. Just remember to ask only 1 or 2 and not all of them 🙂

  • Interview


This is again a huge compilation of curated resources to assist you in technical interview preparation. The topics range from Networking, system design to React, Crypto, Android etc.

  • Back-End Developer Interview Questions


A vast list of of backend questionnaire. Author has marked most of the questions as open ended i.e. there cant be any right or wrong, rather they start the discussion.

  • Interviews


A complete set of questions especially data structures and algorithms. Also, contains links of other popular online platforms that you could use as resource for your preparation.

  • Coding Interviews


This repository contains coding interviews if that’s what you are aiming for your next interview. This repo will give you an idea of the sample questions that might be asked and you can practice them to understand the approach for the real interview.

Java Script Technical Interview Preparation

  • JavaScript Algorithms


This repo is home to a number of data structures and algorithm questions with their explanations.

  • Javascript Questions


This is a huge set of (advanced) JavaScript questions with their answers and explanations. The set of questions doesn’t seem to be updated that much consistently though(last updated June’21).

  • 70 JavaScript Interview Questions


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