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Discussion on: The most simple stack to create basic CRUD web app with users?

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You can do all that with Node+Express and a database. MongoDB is easy because it stores information in documents that are basically JSONs. Also, if you don't want to mess with Docker yet, you can get a free account at MongoDB Atlas.

For authentication, there's a prettt popular library called passport which also allows you to use Google/Facebook/etc authentication, so you needn't worry about creating and storing passwords.

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Eka Author

Oh wow. So I've been hearing about MongoDB here and there, but I assumed it was like regular SQL database (which I'm rather wary of) and I never looked into it further 😝. I just skimmed through the website, I like the familiar syntax. Thanks so much!!

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Sujay Kundu

Mongodb is a Nosql database and non relational, different from any sql db like MySQL or postgresql. Benefits are it stores data in json format. Which helps in integration with rest frameworks easily 🙂