What is that one article you keep going back to?

Scott Harrison on August 09, 2018

As developers we all spend a lot of time trawling through Stack Overflow looking for answers but what article do you keep going back to and why? ... [Read Full]
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I often like to refer to this talk Simple Made Easy infoq.com/presentations/Simple-Mad...

But I am not answering the question with an article. So my article of choice would be Thinking in React reactjs.org/docs/thinking-in-react... because front-end architecture based on components is a very good way to think.


I like the idea behind keeping simple, both in code and for the user, often they go hand in hand too!

Great React article, I first learnt web development when jQuery was super hot and whilst now I know a lot more about OOP and Vue etc. I still find myself 'thinking in jQuery' so I'm sure this will be a good read.



It's the kind of thing I'd make an alias for except I'd also manage to forget the alias existed because of how relatively rarely I need it (a few times during/after a system upgrade a few weeks ago and only to check on it since), and it'd be kind of an awkward fit as part of Zookeeper standard tooling.


I don't necessarily re-read it over again, but ever since reading this post, I've revisited this idea in my mind over and over again:

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