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Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison

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What is that one article you keep going back to?

As developers we all spend a lot of time trawling through Stack Overflow looking for answers but what article do you keep going back to and why? It could be something very simple, a tutorial or a comprehensive guide to a specific topic.

For me it's A Visual Explanation Of SQL Joins by Jeff Atwood (coincidentally was the guy who created the Stack Exchange network of sites), whether it's helping out another dev or just jogging my memory i've come back to this article time and time again as it's such a simple and effective way of communicating a relatively hard idea to explain verbally.

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enguerran πŸπŸ’¨

I often like to refer to this talk Simple Made Easy

But I am not answering the question with an article. So my article of choice would be Thinking in React because front-end architecture based on components is a very good way to think.

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Scott Harrison

I like the idea behind keeping simple, both in code and for the user, often they go hand in hand too!

Great React article, I first learnt web development when jQuery was super hot and whilst now I know a lot more about OOP and Vue etc. I still find myself 'thinking in jQuery' so I'm sure this will be a good read.

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Dian Fay • Edited

It's the kind of thing I'd make an alias for except I'd also manage to forget the alias existed because of how relatively rarely I need it (a few times during/after a system upgrade a few weeks ago and only to check on it since), and it'd be kind of an awkward fit as part of Zookeeper standard tooling.

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Ben Halpern

I don't necessarily re-read it over again, but ever since reading this post, I've revisited this idea in my mind over and over again:

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Meghan (she/her)