Upgrading PostgreSQL from 9.5 to 9.6 on Ubuntu 17.04

Be thankful for your github repo graveyard

Joseph Jung


podcastAiA 139 ng-conf Roundup

Adventures in Angular

Crawling Simply with Scrapy

George Offley

Quick tip on Git diffs for PHP files

Igor Santos

Beware Observable.Return() and it’s scheduler

Jon Stødle

On the subject of learning to code

Matt Silverman

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podcast2017 May - New R packages to handle binary files

R Weekly

Coding with Care

Claire Pollard

Installing ProcessWire

Camilo Castro

Defense Against the Dark Arts: CSRF Attacks

Richard Feldman

CSS flexes its muscles

K. 👓


podcast081: Interview with Rebecca Frank


Enforcing Valid Data Access From a Form Request Object

Tim MacDonald

How to Move Mercurial Changesets to a New Branch

Gunnar Gissel

Notes on Nativescript: my first steps into mobile development

Nick W

#DevDiscuss Recommends Programming Books

CJ Horton


podcastWhat's up with Docs with Den Delimarsky

MS Dev Show

The what and how of Web Push

Mansimar Kaur

The problem with atomic CSS

Adam Silver

A note to my younger self (and everyone who reads this)


Admit your struggles, help others

Chris Dodds


podcast#109 MongoDB Applied Design Patterns

Talk Python

The Toxicity Part 1: The Manipulator

Sohail Nasir

Choosing TSDBs - InfluxDB for Us

Steve Mushero

Fixing Hot Reloads on Vagrant

Tommy Lee

2017 freelance development platforms

Vykintas Narmontas (William)


podcastRobot Assistant with Abhishek Singh

Software Engineering Daily

Roughing It Dev Style: Coding Without a Computer

Chazona Baum

Adoption of HTTPS protocol on government service websites

Konark Modi

The Search for Self: How to obtain and analyze your history of Google searches

Walker Harrison

Organic Artisanal Small Batch vs Impersonal Factory

Gunnar Gissel

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podcastEpisode 65: Jo Overline’s Ugly Start

Away From The Keyboard

Taking Hash Tables Off The Shelf

Vaidehi Joshi

Choosing a job title (for people who code)

Isaac Lyman

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