Reporting Vulnerabilities to

octopus attacking our systems

Found a vulnerability in our systems? Shoot us an email at You'll hear back from us within two weeks at the latest, and we'll let you know a few things:

  • If it's been reported previously,
  • Whether or not we think it's an issue,
  • And if it's eligible for a reward.

When submitting a report, we ask that you do NOT attempt any findings on a community member's article or comments as a courtesy to other members. Please create your own article and leave comments on your private draft. We use Ruby on Rails, and your report may affect Rails, Ruby, or other parts of our technology stack. We kindly request your patience before submitting these issues. Not following these rules will void any reward.

Vulnerabilties are assessed via BugCrowd's taxonomy rating and our judgment. We strive to be honest, fair and reasonable based on the current size of our current overall operating budget.

  • Low risk vulnerabilities will be rewarded with $50 USD.
  • Medium risk vulnerabilities will be rewarded with $100 USD.
  • High risk vulnerabilities will be rewarded with $150 USD.

Thanks to those who have helped us by finding, fixing, and disclosing security issues safely:

  • Kaushik Roy
  • Shintaro Kobori
  • Guilherme Scombatti
  • Muhammad Muhaddis
  • Shiv Bihari Pandey
  • Vis Patel
  • Aman Mahendra
  • Jerbi Nessim
  • Rahul PS
  • Kishan Kumar
  • Chakradhar Chiru
  • Zee Shan
  • Mustafa Khan
  • Yeasir Arafat
  • Sahil Mehra
  • Mohammad Abdullah
  • Sajibe Kanti
  • Gids Goldberg
  • Ahsan Khan
  • Ismail Hossain
  • Footstep Security
  • Prial Islam
  • Md. Nur A Alam Dipu
  • Antony Garand
  • Pritesh Mistry