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10 Ingredients of writing a "Good Technical Blog"

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If you have never written a blog, then you must be wondering that it's really a tough task to do, yes this can be overwhelming to us because we see many mouths opening blogs on most of the websites. And then comes the writer of that blog, after seeing his/her designation, you will lose your motivation, if you got some. But let me tell you, blogging is easy, you just need to know how to put your thoughts or learnings so that people can learn from that.
Are you ready to start your journey of technical blogging?

Why you need to write a technical blog?

The first thing that may come to your mind that why you should write a technical blog in the first place. Your question is perfect. Let me tell you some points that may encourage you to write:

1. It's the best way to share your learnings.

This is the main point that I want you all to know. Suppose today you learned about some Python modules or a Javascript framework, and you want to revise and confirm that you understood the particular topic. What could be the best way other than sharing it with other people? Right?

2. Journal for your own learnings.

If you want to revise through some of the previous topics that you learned, you can easily refer to the blog you wrote before. It will be like your "Personal Diary", the difference is that you don't start it with "Dear diary", haha.

3. Reach 1000s of people around the world.

Yes, if you want to spread your words/learnings to many people, then it's really a good way.

4. It makes you happy.

It does, at least I become happy after writing a good blog. If you too, then what are you waiting for? Start writing, but do read this whole blog.

5. Get feedbacks.

Again a good way to get some feedback.

6. Improve your writing skills, and English.

If you're someone who has poor English, and writing skills, then you should try it.

7. Learn while writing.

I always get to learn more when I'm writing on a particular topic.

After knowing some of the points, I consider you are really interested in knowing what you need to do to write good blogs.

Idea and Research

Now that you're somehow convinced to write a blog, but what you need is a good idea. But how to get that. To me, sometimes the idea automatically comes to me, sometimes I get the ideas from someone else. You can get the idea from anywhere. But the next important thing is doing research. It completely depends on your chosen topic. If you already know the topic it's good, but also add more things to it. You will also get to learn from that.

Structure of the blog

  • Introduction

    Make a good base to start your blog.

  • Body

    Tell everything you got.

  • Conclusion

    Make a good overview of the whole blog.


1. A good title.

To attract more people to read your blog, you must have a good title. Don't write it like a click-bait, but tell it what you have in your blog, otherwise user will not come to read your blog again.

2. Find a good topic.

You can either search for the latest topics, trends in technology, or you can share what you learned recently.

3. Make it easy to understand.

To make the blog easy to understand you can use some headings, and points, it really helps in reading. Even if the readers don't have much time to read it, they can know the major points of the blog, and later may read it. There are high chances of that because now they know the points you've covered.

4. Write in easy language.

You don't know who's gonna read your blogs, he/she can be a student or working professional, so if you just keep the blog simple to read, it will put a good impact on the readers.

5. Use good examples.

This is another great tip to write blogs, as I said earlier you don't know your audience, so just think as like they are not aware of the blog in any way. Make use of good examples.

6. Write like you are talking to the audience.

Use words like you are talking to your audience. Example:
"You may be aware of this module of Python, but do you know how to do this...?"

7. Good cover photo.

A good picture of your blog can attract a lot of people. Choose it wisely. You can use Unsplash to get free photos.

8. Use code snippets, images.

If you're writing a blog that may contain some code, you can either use the images of the code, or you can use the

this to tell that this a code.

9. Follow the stepwise strategy.

It really helps the reader to understand the whole process. Use it.

10. Bonus.

Think like you're writing this blog for everyone. For schoolers, professionals, teachers, etc.

That's it. I hope to see your next blog. If you write one, you can tag me too, if you're on Twitter. I will be very happy, that I could encourage someone to write.

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