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Telescope week 9

This week I was primarily working with Eslint issues.

At first look, issues look easy to do, but because of some reasons, all of our eslint checks failed on Thursday with a "no-shadow error." I thought it was my local mistake and started googling how to solve this. After hours of fighting with error and resolving merge conflicts, I decided to close my pull rudest and create a new one cause it was all messy. Oh, conflicts.

If you want to solve the merge conflict, merge first.

I was desperate and decided to switch to a different issue related to the Supabase backup strategy.

Previously, I never had experience with Supabase. That's why I decide to create a small getting-started project. I liked it.
Supabase work on PostgreSQL.
I started researching database backup strategies. I found seven best practices to do it. I started from the Reddit thread on how to solve the issue:

You can backup your database yourself at any time using pg_dump. You could also backup your buckets with some script, but I don't know where you'd back up to? Most people back up TO S3, where your buckets are stored.
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After a few searches on ph_dump, I found this great post from Supabase itself

This is where I stopped with my research on weekend I decided to switch back to eslint and kind of did them:

This was a great week; I'm curious how many issues we will land for 2.9. Let's see.


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_p.s This post was made for Telescope.

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