What's so great about React?

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A couple of months ago, I started to learn React. I the felt awesomeness right from the start because unlike other JS frameworks, React is very simple and fast to learn for people who have only basic JavaScript and HTML knowledge.
Many helpful tools are available to support developers on the path React. Those include react developer tools and Redux development software, which include Chrome extensions to help find code errors and fixing bugs.

Unnecessary DOM updates are the main problem for most JS frames. If an object changes, the whole interface needs to be re-rendered to implement the change. This can significantly slow down our application performance and speed.
Virtual DOM is a copy of a real DOM in the memory of the browser. For example, any virtual DOM object is modified, when a user interacts with the app by pushing a button. Then React compares the new virtual DOM to its previous iteration and only applies improvements in real DOM objects that are changed in it's virtual copy.

In React, there are separate components for all UI elements such as buttons, menus, headers, etc. Components can be represented in the code according to their purpose by functions or classes. Functional components are very simple and easy to use to present data. Unlike their functional components class-based components can manipulate data in contrast to their functional counterparts. The good news is that with the implementation of hooks, this feature will become available for functional components as well.

The main benefit of React components is that they can be reused further in the project. If we have ten buttons on a tab, we simply need to build the function once, and then move specific parameters to it to get ten buttons.

We have another good tool at our fingertips when we are familiar with React by default. Here is React Native. React Native is a Replication of React's design, used in simple JavaScript mobile apps, as it builds genuinely authentic applications for both iOS and Android on the same component based architecture.
The best thing is that we don't have to learn native frameworks because React covers us completely. It's cool, isn't it?

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True that! After all these years writing components, I love how the React ecosystem has evolved. The Hooks API introduced was great and there truly some exciting days ahead with the introduction of Suspense :)


Yeah it's like being able to make the most of the cleanliness and simplicity of the component and the state.


Because of it's versatility, you can mold it anyway you want in terms of architecture. High reusability and virtual dom which makes it fast is something I love. And also it is very easy to start with learning compared to angular.


Yeah exactly!
The posts you've written on reactjs are really interesting too. I'm definitely going to refer those as well :)


Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. :)


'Why did I not start to learn React earlier? It's awesome!', right? xdd


Yes :p It’s simple and fast to learn than JavaScript