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It's a dual boot

  • Ubuntu for work
  • windows for experiments

In my experience Ubuntu is not in any way better than window, there is always a "Report crash error" once in a while, but the separation helps me.


That's certainly debatable, well there are other popular distros available too ...... and yeah I have also encountered that Report crash error 😅


I had to run windows in VirtualBox on archlinux, in order to debug window specific functions in my main project.
Not a so great experience.
I hope I won't have to do the same for OSX.

Regarding gaming, I have a nice experience with steam, and the few open-source games I like 😄.


Yeah linux is certainly gaining popularity in gaming community slowly slowly.


Dual boot with Windows and Linux Mint.

It's like:

  • Windows (mostly for my wife)
  • 500GB partition to share files between Windows and Linux
  • Linux Mint (for coding)

Why don't you try Google Slides or even DeckDeckGo. See


I dual boot with Pop_OS and Windows. I use Linux almost exclusively for day to day computer tasks, work, and even games. I only switch to Windows for Adobe apps and some games that don't run well on Linux. It's true that Linux crashes more frequently than I would have liked, but it's way more lovable than Windows. I can forgive Linux shortcomings much more easily than Windows shortcomings.

I used to dev on Windows using WSL, but one time when waiting for an extra long npm install, I realized it would be ten times faster on real Linux, so I made the switch. WSL 2 seems great and all, but it'll still be worse.


yeah npm sleeps on Windows 😂


I still have Windows, yes, on my gaming machine. Since I've been at home, I actually use this machine for more than my others, including work... but really that means using a terminal and a browser to connect to a computer with a proper OS instead :)

I have had no problems finding an alternative to any office software, because I don't use any office software, except in the rare instance someone sends me a docx, and then I open it in google docs or office.com or whatever.


As I look for a remote job and realizing that most of my work experience is C#/Windows, I have a cheap, small-profile Windows machine stashed in a closet that I can remote into, but every other PC in the house has been Ubuntu for something like ten years. I didn't like where the Windows side of Microsoft was going, business-wise, tried Ubuntu on a side machine, and just stopped using the Windows boxes.

I haven't needed to make many presentations, but I've gotten some mileage out of Sozi and Impress, both of which could definitely stand to have a user-friendly application to create the presentation.


I don't like Windows stuff too .... Thanks for the links to the resources 👨🏻‍💻


In my case, it looks so:

  • Linux Ubuntu for work,coding and projects
  • Windows for... computer games to relax

I have also worked with Mac in the past, and with this experience I highly recommend working with Linux. If you need Powerpoint alternative - You can do this with the google presentation on the google disk


Same with me .... I prefer Windows for gaming too, but the recent development in the gaming related studf has made Linux a viable option too.


wps is the best alternative of msoffice