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re: That's interesting. In my toy compiler project the system allocator's and jemalloc's performance is almost indistinguishable, even though there are...

Thank you for your feedback! I hadn't heard about mimalloc. I quickly tried it out via the mimallocator crate and the results for all of the benchmarks show that mimalloc is either on par or a tiny bit faster than jemalloc (1%). I'll take a closer look at this. There are also other things to consider, like availability on certain platforms (jemalloc via jemallocator does not work on Windows and for musl-libc builds).


jemalloc works for the gnu targets, but not the MSVC targets yet. I speak as the person who filed the PR fixing that specific target. :)

Yes, I noticed that when integrating it here: github.com/sharkdp/fd/pull/481 For now, jemalloc is not enabled on Windows

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