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FEC Day 10

Timothy Nguyen
Software Engineering Graduate from Hack Reactor
・1 min read

Today I had some interesting problems. One thing I wanted to do was move my average stars logic to be modular and reusable at a higher level. However, this proved to be a difficult task and time-sink. I made a helper file in the root directory and tried to import it into my React component, but kept getting errors with unresolved paths. I was targeting the file with "..../helper.js" but I learned later that I may be targeting the file incorrectly. I scrapped the idea at the time but I'll definitely go back and try again. Besides that, I was able to get reviews to only show 2 at a time and got a basic modal showing up for submitting a new review. Tomorrow I'll need to implement the controlled component to make a post request to the api.

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