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Rémi Lavedrine
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Learn from Data Breach

October and November were pretty scary in terms of Data breaches. 😨👇🏼

In this video I am coming back on a lot of these breaches that have occurred in recent weeks. 👨🏼‍🏫

Full of interesting things, as usual, to help us understand the path followed by hackers to breach a system and thus see where it is interesting to put effort to improve the security of our system. 🛡

Basically, Password Manager, unique password for each site, long and complicated password for each site and make backups of your data. 👌🏼
So this way, you can avoid dictionnary and brute force attacks against the leaked passwords. 👍🏼

Video with French Audio & English Subtitles

Links to the description of the Data Breaches :
Capcom :
Sopra Steria :
GoDaddy :
MixCloud :
BlackBaud :
London Neighborhoud Attack :
Github :

The article that explains how to sign your commit with GPG :

The Zerologon vulnerability :

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Eric Ahnell

More than ever, malicious actors are after data... there are certainly important lessons to learn. Security by design is important too... when you get rid of the technical debt. Thanks for sharing!