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Developing a WordPress theme/plugin with wordup

As the developer of wordup, i would like show how easy and fast you can setup a new WordPress project with wordup

What is wordup?

Wordup is an open-source development toolkit for setting up and managing your local WordPress Theme/Plugin development, so that you can totally focus on coding.

The wordup-cli is a command line interface written in nodejs and uses docker-compose.

It is available as a package on npm


You need to have nodejs and docker installed on your system.

Init a new project

We are using wordup-cli as a local devDependency.

To do that we will run the wordup-cli commands via npx.

npx belongs to npm and executes a command even if it's not installed on your system.

To start your first project run (in a folder of your choice):

npx wordup-cli init

You will be guided to some questions. After that wordup will install automatically all containers and components.

Note: If you use wordup-cli as a devDependency make sure to always use npx before every wordup command.

You can find the whole wordup documentation on GitHub

Start developing

Take a look at the newly created project folder in your editor. All files located in the /src folder belong to the WordPress plugin/theme you want to develop.

Files outside of this folder belong to your project in general.

In the package.json file you can see the wordup project settings.

Export your project

After some coding you want to distribute your WordPress plugin/theme.

You can do that by running in your project folder:

npx wordup export 

Wordup will export your /src folder to a zip file, based on .distignore and your wordup settings.

You have also the posibilty to export your whole project. Export docs

Happy Coding!!

For more information visit

GitHub logo wordup-dev / wordup-cli

Wordup is a fully integrated development platform for WordPress. Develop plugins and themes locally. Preview in the cloud. Automatic updates in WP.

Wordup CLI


Version Downloads/week Wordup docs Twitter Follow

⚠️CAUTION: The 1.0.0 major release is not backwards compatible

Wordup CLI is an open-source development toolkit for setting up and managing your local WordPress Theme/Plugin development, so that you can totally focus on coding.

It is based on docker-compose and uses a docker containerized LAMP-stack with all WordPress Plugins/Themes you need for your current project.


What you can do with wordup-cli:

  • 💡Rapidly test new ideas - And develop your new WordPress theme/plugin projects in wordup.
  • Speed up your development - Install a new project with a blank WordPress installation in a matter of minutes
  • 🛠️Boilerplate - Scaffold your theme/plugin with the official source code from WordPress (e.g. underscore). You can also add code snippets like Gutenberg blocks to your source code.
  • ⚙️Automatic installation

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Jack Williams

I love it when I dive off into learning new development technologies and someone just gets done creating awesome stuff like this. THANK YOU!

jamesvibar profile image

Thank you so much for this! Ive been planning to switch from local by flywheel to docker since they dont mix well. :)