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Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar

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How is My first ReactJs Book-store app?

I had created this Book store app using React Js, I had not used redux in it (still have to learn it) is only React js, the backend server is hosted on heroku using Node js, it took me almost one month to finish this project, initially I planned to add more functionality to it but the amount of code (long list of state & props) was just increasing and I was overwhelmed with it, I will include this project in my portfolio, & it may not look nice in mobile devices as spent less time to make it responsive.

github link:

If anyone have time to look at my code & do advice how can I make my code more short & cleaner

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Emma Goto πŸ™ • Edited

Nice job keeping at it for one month! I took a quick look at your code (I hope you don't mind) and I agree with you that the list of state/props is overwhelming in the App.js file. I think one way you could improve this is to think about whether the code/state needs to live in that file, or if it could live in any one of your sub-components.

e.g. I can see that the disabledStatus state and emptyDescription() function could be moved down to live in HomePage.js. Moving where the state is defined also saves you from having to pass it down through all your components as props.

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Shubham Kumar

Thanks for suggestions i'll look into it 😊

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Christian Geroy

Cool! Was able to get every author/title I searched for.

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Shubham Kumar • Edited

Thanks, because I'm using the google books API πŸ˜€

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Looks and performs great. Not atrocious on mobile either. Found every author I put in without issue from Faulkner to Poe and a couple indie authors. Very well done.

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Amisha Kulkarni

After registering myself, it is not able to login :(

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hey i was wondering if you could show me how you did this? im trying to create a web app like this but it will be a book exchange as well! i would be soooo great full for the help!