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Hey devs & geeks,
Great to be the part of this awesome community.

I'm a web developer( I don't know that still as a student I can use this word among so many experienced devs ). I love to explore new technologies in the software world. I also have a good knowledge of Android App development. I like to learn programming languages, so far I have learned C, C++, Java, js, HTML/CSS, C#, Python( not an expert in all but confident in C++ and Python). I learn them so that there will be no barrier between me and any new technologies.
I'm also familiar web tools & technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, Django and have plans to try React, Gatsby, flask etc.

I also have plans to learn AI/ML in coming months as I'm really fascinated by the innovations in this field.
Many seniors and developers have advised me to stick to single technology but I really I can't stop myself from learning them(that's why I'm also worried about my career).
But I have decided that web development will always be my priority and will also contribute to the community in same.
One would be asking me that how I managed to learn so many technologies, my answer is my time management and period( total is 10 hrs/day).
Any words of advice are welcomed.


Welcome! I think it's great to have a thirst for learning whatever you can. My experience has been that I learn what I want, until my job needs me to learn something (which isn't a bad thing at all, simply a matter of priority).

I am glad I have some deeper knowledge of a language and framework though. It's helped me think less about basic knowledge of the language/framework, and focus more on mastery.


It's been a year since I've posted this and lot has changed since then. I decided to shift my complete focus on web development and haven't touched the AI/ML till now as it's too much fun to learn web development itself and there is a lot of learning here. And concepts like WASM fascinates me a lot.

And thanks @andy for such a great advice, I've followed the same and applied it in my open-source journey and I'm happy to say that I'm currently doing a good open source internship(Google Summer of Code) with a wonderful open source organization, Zulip where I've learned many new technologies if it's required to complete any task/project. is a great community and I've learned a lot from here especially about how to improve workflow and best practices. Glad that I'm a part of such an awesome community and in future, I would definitely share my knowledge here.

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