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'Enge reported that sites have seen crawl issues when implementing AngularJS (a popular JavaScript library) and SPA (Single-Page Application).

A guide titled "Get started with dynamic rendering" on the Google Developers site states, "Currently, it's difficult to process JavaScript and not all search engine crawlers are able to process it successfully or immediately."

For sites that rely on JavaScript to render content, the risk is that crawl issues can affect indexing and rankings.

The fix: Google recommends dynamic rendering, which detects visits from crawlers and routes the request to a renderer. According to Google, "Where needed, the dynamic renderer serves a version of the content that's suitable to the crawler, for example, it may serve a static HTML version." Enge referenced Prerender.io as one option sites can use for dynamic rendering.'


i love the builds but I hate ranking js sites, even pwa is slow to slot.


ps all that being said, ive just taken a react site nationally against large MNCs to the top with over 89 #1s but it took time. pm for details

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