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Sebastian Korotkiewicz
Sebastian Korotkiewicz

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HashChat - Chat with person with same interests as you

I created a chat room where you can meet people with the same interests as you.

Chat Window

Check it out at

The most interesting thing about HashChat is that every message before sending to server is encrypted with public key of your partner, where after receiving message only he can decrypt the message with his private key.

I haven't seen any site yet which encrypts messages with bitcoin and this seems like a really interesting way to do it.
The bitcoin address with the keys is generated in your browser each time you access the site.
Only the public key and address is sent to your chat partner.

While writing this I got the idea that I could add importing own bitcoin keys.
TODO: Import your bitcoin key.

Settings Window

To generate user avatars I use a site that has pretty much the same name as HashChat, it's, and it generates a unique avatar based on the given name, so when you type your nickname on HashChat, you'll always have the same avatar.

Feel free to test HashChat, the whole project is completely OpenSource, you can be a member of the project, every line of code counts :)

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Simple chat with person with same tags as you!

How do you like the idea and implementation?
Write in the comments what you think about HashChat.

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Pankaj Patel

This is interesting. I liked the thin server with socket and Clean UI with React.

I was expecting Bitcoin implementation in Server but it is in Client/UI.

Though why only sign with Bitcoin keys?
Why not GPG or similar.