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Free & Production-Ready UI-Kits for Vue.js

sm0ke profile image Sm0ke ・1 min read

Hello coders,
I've searched for Vue.js UI-Kits (free & paid) and this is my list:

Vue.Js Themes - Free and Paid

Free - Now UI Kit - Demo, Sources
Free - Argon Design System - Demo, Sources
Free - Vuesion - PWA stater - Demo, Sources
Free - Material kit - Demo, Sources

Paid kits, published on ThemeForest (no affiliate link)
Blair One Page BS4 kit - Demo
Tovo Landing Page - Demo

A few remarks:
Vuesion kit looks very nice, the publisher provides support live support on Discord. Personally, I didn't succeed to start it. I will provide an update after getting some support from the publisher.

Argon Design System is available also as a Full-Stack Web App enhanced with JWT authentication, login, register, Express backend, SQLite - LIVE demo here.

Some nice UI-Kit, not on the list? Feel free to suggest it in comments.
Thank you!

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Andrei Gatej

Thank you for sharing!