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Day 10/30 : Responsive Image Gallery using HTML and CSS

Somanath Goudar
I am a Web Developer and I just Love to Code. Coding is my Addiction. It gives me superpowers, lol.
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Welcome to Day 10 of this Challenge. This is what I created today.

➜ Here is the Demo :
Responsive Image Gallery

➜ Video Tutorial :

➜ Source Code :

➜ Instagram Post and Reel for Day 10 :
See Post and Reel

Hey, If You don't know what is happening here. Don't Worry, I am doing a crazy challenge 😅. Read More about it from the post below.

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Discussion (2)

theankitjais profile image
Ankit Jaiswal

How to fit the bottom too? As at the bottom images do not fit.

somanathgoudar profile image
Somanath Goudar Author

Since the all the images have different sizes...there will always be space left at the bottom... I have been trying it too