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Somanath Goudar
Somanath Goudar

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Day 16/30 : Neumorphism Animation using CSS

Welcome to Day 16 of this Challenge. This is what I created today.

➜ Here is the Demo :
Neumorphism Animation using CSS

➜ Video Tutorial :

➜ Source Code :

➜ Instagram Post and Reel for Day 16 :
See Post and Reel

Hey, If You don't know what is happening here. Don't Worry, I am doing a crazy challenge 😅. Read More about it from the post below.

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adrianomartins profile image
Adriano Martins

You got love it how just white and some bright shades of grey make for such pleasant UI.

somanathgoudar profile image
Somanath Goudar

Yeah agreed! All that small details can result in a great UI