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Deep learning!!

I want to start learning with deeplearning but I'm little bit of confused what to start with. If any helpful person could help me then I'll be very grateful with that.

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You can learn a lot from site it has a lot of paid and free courses which are very good. One of the sample free course is
Also you can learn from Kaggle which is a ML site now owned by Google. There are free micro courses which will help you understand the basic concepts in 4-5 hours with hands on experience.

You have to also decide if you want to use tensorflow or pytorch. Here I am assuming that you want to use Python as your preferred programming language.

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Sourabh Saha • Edited

Thank You so much, Buddy

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Nice question, and it has so many answers.
you have to start with AI first then you can go to Machine learning and when you have a good knowledge of coding you can learn about deep learning, because deep learning is the core of AI and machine learning.
this is some resources :

and so on, you can post your search on any search engine and you will get an ocean of information about this field.

I hope that will help.