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Sponsorship Options

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the DEV Community. Please review this page and then fill out this form to register your interest and request pricing and availability information.

In addition to the paid sponsorship opportunities below, you may be interested in setting up a free organization account on the DEV platform.

👋 About DEV

The DEV Community ( is an online platform where programmers publish articles, participate in discussions, and discover products and services. Across DEV, CodeNewbie, and CodeLand, we're able to provide multiple ways to reach and engage with this global audience of software developers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

DEV Community stats:

  • ~400k registered developers 👩‍💻👨‍💻
  • ~250k email subscribers 📬
  • ~190k Twitter followers 🐦
  • ~100k Facebook fans 🤩

🏆 DEV Gold Sponsorship

This is our highest profile sponsorship opportunity and it is best suited for organizations that are focused on driving significant brand awareness. You'll receive the positive association of being one of DEV's most prominent sponsors. Details of the package:

  • Limited to 3 companies per month
  • Placement on the DEV Homepage (~750k impressions)
  • Placement in the weekly newsletter (~200k impressions)
    • One boosted article in the newsletter

example of DEV Gold sponsorship

🎤 Podcast Sponsorship

We operate three podcasts: The CodeNewbie Podcast, DevDiscuss, and DevNews (launching Q3). The CodeNewbie Podcast averages ~20k downloads per episode, while the other two shows are still building an audience (or have yet to launch).

Each season is 8-episodes long, and we release it over the course of a single calendar quarter. Each show has 3-4 sponsors that receive the following benefits each episode:

  • 30-second pre-roll ad spot read by the hosts
  • 30-second mid-roll ad spot read by the hosts

About CodeNewbie Podcast

📆 CodeLand:Distributed

CodeLand is the annual conference powered by DEV and CodeNewbie. This year, we're hosting CodeLand:Distributed, a two-day conference hosted right on DEV where attendees will learn from some of our industry's greatest speakers.

Our main sponsorship option is the Mentor tier, which comes with:

  • Pre-conference marketing
  • Exhibitor Booth
  • Rotating logo on stream + recorded videos
  • Full details on the PDF prospectus

CodeNewbie Prospectus
Link to download the full prospectus.

🚀 Custom Campaign

Collaborate with us on a major initiative such as a community hackathon, product launch, collaborative project, etc. We'll work closely with your team to help achieve your goals — exposure, engagement, articles, etc.

Our April 2020 Twilio x DEV Hackathon generated:

  • ~100k unique pageviews on tag content
  • 335 published posts
  • 186 valid hackathon submissions

Homepage banner from Twilio Hackathon

Please fill out this form to register your interest and request pricing and availability information.

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