Switching to OpenSUSE. I have a few questions.

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I am currently planning to switch from my MacBook Pro to a dell XPS 13. My preference is to go Linux and I have been a long time Ubuntu user. However, this time I want to try OpenSUSE given all the good reputation it has in the dev community. I have a few questions in this matter.

  1. How is the driver support for Dell XPS 13?
  2. Which package manager should I use?
  3. I have always used gnome. Should I switch to KDE?
  4. Any anecdotes from fellow devs would really help me with the setup.

Your comments will really help me with my transition.

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I've used OpenSUSE (Tumbleweed) for a few weeks (maybe even months, don't remember exactly) before I switched to Arch (which was inspired by /r/unixporn, not a fault of OpenSUSE by any means).

I had a different laptop so YMMV, but I had far less driver problems on OpenSUSE than I previously had with Ubuntu and Fedora.

For package management, I used zypper and never had any problems with it, so I didn't even think about changing it.

Gnome vs KDE is probably just a matter of taste. I've always preferred KDE over Gnome for reasons I can't really articulate. Maybe it just felt more familiar. That said, since I've moved away from a full DE to i3 + a bunch of tools (polybar, rofi etc.), I've never thought of going back - it feels so much more performant and productive.

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