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Big collection of React hooks

More and more I work with hooks. Most of the time I write hooks myself and to be fair useState, useEffect, useRef works 80% of the time. Sometimes, when I write custom hooks and have doubts about implementation I found it to be useful to check other's implementation of similar hooks. I thought it would be useful to have a big reference of hooks, so I would not need to jump across different GitHub repositories.

I added over 150 hooks to Nik Graf's collection and revamped search functionality. You can check final result here, while PRs are not merged.

It seems to be a helpful tool for me, maybe it will be helpful for you too.

All data is available as JSON in case you want to do some analytics, like track most reimplemented hooks or biggest libraries.

Tell me what else you would add to this collection? Do you have ideas about UI or metadata we can add to this tool?

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Sung M. Kim

That's a great collection 👍

Beware that it might not be merged because the list is a bit overwhelming 😅 IMHO.

And for a metadata, I'd love to see the bundlesize (minified/gzipped) in the metadata so one can figure out how much it'd add to the output.

Keep up the great work there~ 👊