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Add Social Login in Laravel With Socialite

Social login is now an essential part of any site which performs user authentication. It saves the users a lot of time, as they won't need to fill the whole form. They just sign up with their social account and next time they can log into the website with a single click.

Using social media accounts to sign up for websites is common nowadays and preferred by users because they don't have to remember a password every time they log in to a website. Even though social signup is easy, you can also inadvertently end up with a bunch of very confused users in an app.

Login with social accounts is a straightforward process and simultaneously enhances the user experience; nowadays, everybody knows a better user experience is the key to any digital product's success.

What is Laravel Socialite?

Laravel Socialite  is a package developed to abstract away any social authentication complexities and boilerplate code into a fluent and expressive interface.

Socialite only supports Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Github, and Bitbucket as OAuth providers. They won't be adding any others to the list, however, there's a community-driven collection called  Socialite Providers , which contains plenty of unofficial providers for Socialite.

In this tutorial, we are going to add Social Authentication to a Laravel app through  Socialite , an official Laravel package that makes adding social authentication to a Laravel app.

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