Why I Struggled with Creating an Account Here and Why I Did It

Sven Hoffmann on February 07, 2019

Today I'll be telling you the story of my struggles with creating an account here. 'What struggles', you ask? Well... let me tell you. ... [Read Full]

Welcome to dev.to Sven! Glad you made it!

To this day I still wonder why the 'Log in using GitHub' button is broken for signing up. Am I the only one facing this problem?

It seems like you have encountered a bug, you should totally submit a bug report explaining what happened :D


Is there a "native" registration in sight for Devto?


I didn't had this problem when signin up here... may be a temporarly bug


Super proud you transitioned from lurking to posting 😁
Whatever you do make sure you have fun with it! You definitely inspire me to push myself every once in a while 💪🏽

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