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Why I Struggled with Creating an Account Here and Why I Did It

Today I'll be telling you the story of my struggles with creating an account here. 'What struggles', you ask? Well... let me tell you.

The technical struggle

Chapter 1: Commuting

When I found out a friend posted some pretty cool posts on this site I thought; 'Wow! I want to like those posts to support them!'.

I was on my mobile device at the time, commuting home. So I went to '' on my mobile device and pressed the 'Log in via GitHub' button.


Nothing happened.
I was unable to log in via GitHub.

The 'Log in via Twitter' button did work, by the way. But at the time I didn't know you could log in using both methods. Since I don't use Twitter often I'd rather log in with GitHub.

'It must be because of my mobile browser', I thought, 'let's try again at home'.

Chapter 2: At home

So at home, I tried again. With multiple browsers. Without any success.

I was lost.
I wasn't sure what to do.
And I just wanted to like some posts. ❤

Without any motivation left, I went to bed.


The following day I was still kinda bummed out I couldn't create an account. But I was determined again. I was gonna like those posts!

So I logged in using Twitter.
And it worked!

And I was happy. On the other hand, I was still kind of frustrated the GitHub login button didn't work. At all.

Satisfied after liking those posts I wanted to like, I went and explored the site some more.

This is when I saw it.
I saw the solution.

Chapter 3: The solution (kind of)

In the settings screen, I saw that you could link your GitHub account as well. And... this button actually worked!

I was happy. This way, I could log in using both methods!

To this day I still wonder why the 'Log in using GitHub' button is broken for signing up. Am I the only one facing this problem?

The personal struggle

I had a personal struggle with creating an account as well.


No, not the git kind. I was scared that if I made an account here, I'd have to commit to commenting and writing all the time. And that can be quite scary! It's not always easy either, with English being my second language. Then again, the best way to practice is just to get out there and get feedback. So, I did. And now we're here.

But I made it

In the end, I did create a profile! And if everything goes well, this will be my first post. I hope I can share some of my knowledge with you all, or at least entertain you with my posts. 😃

Being part of a community

One of the big reasons I went through all that trouble to create an account is that I don't feel like I'm part of the 'developer community' at times. This is not true of course, but perhaps if I partake more in the community it will feel less alien to me. Being a lurker is fine, but I hope this helps to ground me.

A friend inspired me

A friend of mine has an account here as well. I saw that they posted some awesome articles! I wondered if I could share some of my experiences as well.
I realised the only way I'd find out is by just diving straight in and trying it out myself.

My story

That's my story so far. What's yours? I'd love to know your reasons for signing up. Did you have any struggles as well? Or did you find it easy to start? Let me know!

Anyways, here's a song you might like.

See you soon, and take care ✌
~ Sven


Cactus picture by Scott Webb on Unsplash
Sunrise picture by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash
Shout out to @maniflames for being awesome.

Thanks for reading! Leave a like ❤ or a comment 🖊 if you want to. And most importantly; don't give up if creating an account doesn't work!

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rhymes profile image

Welcome to Sven! Glad you made it!

To this day I still wonder why the 'Log in using GitHub' button is broken for signing up. Am I the only one facing this problem?

It seems like you have encountered a bug, you should totally submit a bug report explaining what happened :D

sven profile image
Sven Hoffmann

I totally forgot about submitting a bug report! When I tried replicating it everything seemed to work again. So I'm not sure I can write a good bug report. If I ever come across anything I'll make sure to send it in :)

maniflames profile image

Super proud you transitioned from lurking to posting 😁
Whatever you do make sure you have fun with it! You definitely inspire me to push myself every once in a while 💪🏽

niorad profile image
Antonio Radovcic

Is there a "native" registration in sight for Devto?

simo97 profile image

I didn't had this problem when signin up here... may be a temporarly bug